A private blockchain for securing critical data and infrastructure


Our Platform

DataChain provides a differentiated approach to storing data, exchanging information, and establishing trust.

Trust - distributing data and access across a decentralized network

Share - confidence in to whom, for what purpose, and how long

Accountability - immutable access and usage records

Threat Landscape

Centralized databases are distinct targets requiring increasing investments in wall after wall, layer after layer of monitoring and security. And each additional layer only highlights the target for hackers.

Pick your source – data breaches, ransomware, and threat landscape are intensifying between 30% to 400% depending on industry.

Hackers are organizing. Their financial demands are escalating.

Reputations and livelihoods lost.

DataChain Pro

  • Protect your family's most important information
  • Keep sensitive conversations private
  • Trust in who, when and why you share information
  • Integrates seemlessly with PC and Mac

Provides peace of mind that your personal information is used only as you intend and authorize.

DataChain Enterprise

  • Mitigate the potential of ransomware and data breaches
  • Secure private messaging
  • Supports existing infrastructure - on prem, cloud and hybrid
  • Industry leading security protocols
  • Integrates with existing applications, processes and workflows
  • Ensure accountability and auditability

Reduce the risk of trust and reputational loss due to data theft or misuse. Improve business outcomes through trusted information exchange.

Secure File Storage and Sharing

Our private blockchain solution stores your data securely and redundantly. Only you have access to the unencrypted data. You have complete control over permissions and can share securely with other platform participants.

Secure Private Messaging

Keep sensitive internal conversations secure from competitors and adversary nations. Each message is encrypted with your private key and can only be read by the recipient(s).

Cloud Security

We integrate with the leading cloud providers to secure your infrastructure. Our solution supports key management, symmetric encryption keys (bring your own keys) and virtual machine encryption.

Hardware Security Module

Our infrastructure is secured by the industry leading Thales Luna HSM. This provides the highest-level root of trust and secures the entire platform.

Single Sign On

We support SSO with leading platforms, including Microsoft Azure AD. We support almost all identity-based sign on solutions.


We support hundreds of integrations for leading enterprise software, both on premises and in the cloud. Secure your CRM, accounting, and database software with our integration connectors.

Immutable Record

The immutability of private blockchain platform will keep a permanent record of all your activity so you have an audit trail you can trust.

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