Imagine every second 82 records are stolen with or without the knowledge of the companies who are the trusted custodians of these most sensitive personal and professional information and digital identity.

However, Every second of every day, businesses exchange value with suppliers, partners, customers and others. By value, we mean goods, services, money, data and more.

Each exchange of value is a transaction. Successful transactions need to be fast, precise and easily agreed on by parties participating in the transaction.

DataChain™ for business provides a way to execute many more of these transactions — a much better way.


Blockchain technologies are, after all, the culmination of decades of research and breakthroughs in cryptography and security. DataChain™ blockchain platform will offer a totally different approach to storing information, making transactions, performing functions, and establishing trust, which makes it especially suitable for environments with high security requirements and mutually unknown actors.

Each participant gets their own private key. A dual optin relationship insures that information is only shared when both parties give consent.


DataChain™ blockchain addresses the fundamental flaws of security by taking away the human factor from the equation, which is the weakest link. Human Error or Insider Threats accounts to 58% of data breaches due to negligence. DataChain™ leverages a distributed ledger, which takes away the risk of a single point of failure, to provide end-to-end privacy and encryption while still ensuring convenience for users.


Machine learning algorithms can detect data security and privacy vulnerabilities. We provide data-driven methods for applied cybersecurity, including machine learning defenses against data breaches, fraud, and other threats. From identifying backdoors in neural networks to automatically detecting malware, stolen accounts, or network attacks, machine learning offers essential new protections for businesses and individuals.